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About MKE Foam

Hey there! I'm Cory, your go-to guy for all things bright and bubbly, hailing from the heart of Brew City. My journey's been fueled by a simple mission: to sprinkle a little more joy into the lives around me. My adventure in the 'joy business' kicked off in the year 2000, decking out homes with festive Christmas lights, purely for the love of it. Life threw a curveball in 2009, leading me to take a break, but the spark reignited in 2017 with the launch of BrightHaus, my very own Christmas Light extravaganza.


We've since been lighting up Wisconsin, casting a merry glow over everything from homes to your favorite Chick-Fil-A in Southeastern WI—chances are, that's our handiwork shining bright!

But why stop at lights? In 2023, I stumbled upon the magical world of Foam and Glow Foam, blending the brilliance of lights with the sheer delight of foam. Fast forward to 2024, and MKE Foam made its dazzling debut! We're on a mission to shake up the scene with innovative foam fun, not to mention our Foam Free Days in Milwaukee parks, because joy should be accessible to everyone. Foam parties are a hit across the board, inviting folks of all ages and walks of life to dive into unforgettable moments of laughter and connection.

So, whether it's the twinkle of Christmas lights or the frolic in foam, I'm here to bring those memorable experiences right to your doorstep. Can't wait to make some unforgettable memories with you and your loved ones soon!

MKE Foam, Milwaukee Foam Parties
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